People First of Ohio- An Advocate’s Outlet

There’s no doubt, this pandemic has been hard for all. During this crazy time in the world, you find yourself just wanting to connect with others. It’s even better, when you can connect to those who understand your particular struggles.

I’m happy to say, I’ve found all the qualities in receiving and sharing information, venting, laughing and just talking to other advocates in the advocacy group, People First of Ohio!

People First of Ohio is one of Ohio’s elite state advocacy organization that has many local chapters throughout the state. They’ve been instrumental in advocating for and against many laws that affect people with disabilities, from the marriage penalty, employment first and making sure the disability vote count. Because of this awesome organization, many winning moves have been made to enhance Ohioans’ lives with disabilities.

When COVID19 hit taking away my avenue to socialize in person, I was feeling some anxiety. I love to talk and was thirsting to talk to others.  

Thanks to Facebook, I learned People First of Ohio would be hosting weekly chats every Friday at 10:00 am and was open to anyone who wanted to join. To date, I’ve joined in on four chats and they’ve been amazing! One can attend these meetings, through Facebook live or Zoom.

Talk about good information from, why many part-time workers including myself have been denied unemployment and why we should reapply to accessible chair exercises put out by Planet Fitness were helpful. Also, some of the conversations we’ve had about how COVID19 has made our lives even harder, has been eye-opening. These chats just motivate us to advocate to put more plans in place for our peers in case a pandemic like this should ever happen again. Trust, there’s a lot of work that must be done.

Another thing that I love is, many organizations that provide services to people with disabilities are on the call too ready and willing to assist.

Like I’ve said before, COVID19 sucks but I’m so happy People First of Ohio have giving myself and other advocates an outlet to meet-up and discuss. Thank you, we needed that. Check out this link to learn more about People First of Ohio

Until next time, stay safe and uplifted


2 thoughts on “People First of Ohio- An Advocate’s Outlet

  1. Hi Shari,
    Glad to know that you are coping with the COVID19 and making use of technology as an outlet. I hear that the People First meetings have been very informative. I’m going to have to take advantage of the weekly chats. Take care of yourself, stay safe and tell your mom and Glenda I said hello.


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