Since COVID19 hit, I had to find activities to keep me occupied so I put stepping on my agenda.

I had a few reasons for choosing walking as one of my activities. One, I wanted to strengthen my core. When you sit to long, it’s harder to move making it almost impossible to do things such as use the restroom after a long period of time. Secondly, I wanted to be ready for summer by having, a good summer body! I have a disability but I’m not dead. Looking good makes me feel good. Finally, I want to keep my weight down for I know, extra weight slows me down.   

A few years ago, I was taking physical therapy and had gotten a walker to assist with my walking goal. I had even gotten up to walking sixteen feet but since then, I’ve falling lazy. You say, what’s the problem Shari? My answer is nothing. I just needed to have more enthusiasm to tackle this difficult task, as I do for other things such as, shopping!

Walking for me is very hard because due to my disability, I’m fighting gravity. When trying to pick up my legs, they feel as if they’re bricks which cause me to get winded quickly. Then I get frustrated. Next thing I know, a day without walking turns into a week, weeks turns into months and you know the rest of this story.

It doesn’t help that I have the cutest little red scooter ever and when turned on rabbit, it gets me where I need to go fast. My scooter also allows me to keep all my wind and I’m able to do other things because I’m not fatigued.

I sure do make a good case for myself about falling lazy to walking but to keep it real, I know I should have been doing more walking. If I don’t, I will lose the ability to do many things which keeps me independent.

Thanks to COVID19 and my mom’s house. I’ve been doing a little more walking.  By no means am I ready to run or walk a 50-yard dash or even a five but I can climb 14 steps to get to the restroom in my mom’s house. I visit my mother once a week. Yes, I know about social distancing, but I must see her for we’re are extremely close and that’s really the only place I’m venturing to these days. Every time I hit those steps I feel like a beast. I grew up in that house walking those steps so, I know every dent.   

I’m not so good with coming back down the steps. I refer to scooting my way down but I’m pretty good at that too. I’m positive it’s strengthening my core for when I’m finished, I can feel the burn. I try to at least repeat the process three times while visiting.

COVID19 sucks and I wish it didn’t take a national pandemic to motivate me to step, but it did. Guess that’s a silver lining if I had to pick one.

Don’t sit around and not move during this pandemic. Move something. I promise you’ll feel better if you do.

Until next time, stay safe and uplifted


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